Become a sponsor

The National Rock Garden is seeking sponsors and benefactors for long-term relationships.
Please contact us if you would like to know more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

The NRG Steering Committee has adopted the following sponsorship hierarchy:

  • Principal Donor(s): $5M or more
  • Major Donor: $1M to $5M
  • Donors: $100K to $1M
  • Benefactors: $10K to $100K
  • Rock Donor: $20K or more
  • Contributors: less than $10K

The names of Principal Donor, Major Donor, Donor and Benefactor are very similar to those employed on the honour board for the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney. If the NRG decides to adopt an Honour Board approach, this Board could be located in the Entry Structure at the site, which is likely also to be used as an educational centre for visiting groups.

The NRG Steering Committee has agreed that the category of Benefactor would include the sub-category of Rock Donor – minimum $20K”.  This would enable geologists or friends to sponsor individual rocks, providing the rocks were organised and approved by the NRG Rock Curator. A Rock Donor would be named on the identifying plaque attached to the rock (as has been done for the Federation Rock Supporters) and described in slightly greater detail on the NRG web site.

It is important for a Rock Donor to specify his/her objective with a distinctly generic statement such as “I wish to sponsor a rock from some general region of Australia” (not a specific rock at a specific location). Alternatively, a Rock Donor could state “I wish to sponsor a granite/limestone/fossil sample from the current NRG list of target specimens”.
These sponsorship categories apply equally to donations received from government agencies, corporate organisations, individuals or as bequests from a deceased estate. 
To make a contribution to the National Rock Garden, please contact the office at the phone, phone, email or postal address given below.

Geological Society of Australia National Rock Garden Trust
Tel: (02) 9290 2194
Registered Office C/- Geological Society of Australia, Suite 8, Level 2, 141 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby, NSW 2077